Psy6600 & Educ 6600

Basic Information

  • USU, CEHS graduate student’s 1st course in quantitative methods
  • Held: Spring Semester 2018, Tues and Thursday 4:40-5:45pm
  • Cross listed as Psy 6600 and Educ 6600
  • Students may attend at the Logan campus or at a USU distance site

Course Purpose

Research Design & Analysis I is designed to provide the student with a practical, applied approach to the application of fundamental behavioral and educational research design and statistical principles. Students will learn how to differentiate and appropriately select the best statistical methods for use in various research designs and analytical problems. This course will mostly focus on basic statistical techniques and several forms of the ANOVA model, which can be used by themselves or serve as building blocks for more advanced techniques in other courses.

Students will also learn how to:

  1. use the R statistical programming environment (via the R Studio IDE) to analyze data and

  2. interpret and communicate the results of analyses (including creating reproducible research reports with R Markdown).


  • Completion of EDUC/PSY 6570 ‘Introduction to Educational & Psychological Research’

  • Passing the EDUC/PSY 6600 pretest (70% or better) More Information Here

Course Matterials

eBook - Explaining Psychological Statistics: A Companion in R

  • Cohen, B. H. (2008). Explaining Psychological Statistics (4th Ed.). New York: Wiley

  • Canvas Please check Canvas frequently for course updates, assignments, & grades

  • BOX: files, weblinks, and other resources

  • R, R Studio, & TeX software (all free to download online, instructions in the eBook )

  • G*Power software (free for PC or Mac at )

  • Scientific or statistical calculator (may be a graphic calculator, but NOT a cell phone, iPod, ect.)

  • Note: it is advantageous to bring a laptop to class, but not required.